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Hybrid Events


Need to keep your data inside Australia?

We've partnered with Jomablue.

Australia’s leading event platform.

One platform for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events.


Sam Lynch

Project Director, Project Director

Fully integrated features at every step.

Manage the attendee experience from ticketing to post-event—and every step, virtuManage the attendee experience from ticketing to post-event—and every step, virtual session, or networking soirée in between.


Regardless of the event format, Jomablue’s integrated features help you streamline delivery, create seamless and personalized interactions, and capture data to deepen engagement and decipher every event’s successful session, or networking soirée in between.

Hyrid Event Features

Strike a balance between virtual and live interactions. Our integrated platform excels in blended experiences that feel natural and amplify your event’s reach.

Contactless arrival options

Get the show underway safely and smoothly with contactless, or low-contact, arrival options—that don’t compromise on experience.

Fast and targeted contact tracing

Attendee arrival and session attendance reporting makes it easy to meet compliance and accountability requirements.

Registration and Ticketing

Easily build hybrid event registration sites you can share widely. Customize customer categories and pricing, and create audience-specific booking pages.

Event Check-in and Badging

Bring flexibility and scale to events with contactless, mobile check-in or allocate Smart Badges that identify and record attendees’ movement.

Photo Booth

Delight attendees with this interactive feature. Upload a selfie, add backgrounds, frames, and stickers, then share the result in the Photo Gallery.



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