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Our Story


Since COVID-19


Before the COVID19 crisis hit us all, Hoosh had started its 3rd chapter: virtual events.


Recognizing the early signs of another transformation, Hoosh partnered with ON24, the leading webcasting platform, to help marketing teams take their events virtual.


Although the events industry was hit extremely hard by the lockdowns, we saw an opportunity to once again help marketing teams stay in the forefront of revenue impact in their companies by leveraging our new ON24 based solutions and expertise in virtual events. 

As you can tell from our website, we're very excited and passionate about virtual events and having a lot of fun with it.

What's Next for Hoosh?

We're an open-minded and innovative group of people with outside-the-box-thinking, so you can bet it'll be something on the leading edge - something that will give our clients "MarTech's Unfair Advantage."

Before COVID-19

Based in Sydney, by the iconic Sydney Harbor Bridge, Hoosh was founded in 2013 by Fab Capodicasa, one of the first team members at Marketo Australia, after realizing that the marketing profession was about to undergo major transformations.

With an explosion of marketing technology (MarTech) vendors, marketing teams needed help in figuring out the right solutions for their businesses.


As well, marketing teams needed people who understand both technology and the world of marketing to help them efficiently implement the right MarTech in a way that suits their unique business needs and objectives.

Hoosh sees the explosion in MarTech as an opportunity to put marketing teams at the forefront of business success.

As the marketing technologies available and the needs of marketing teams have grown, so have Hoosh's focus.

Hoosh has gone from being primarily focused on marketing automation, awarded as a Marketo Global Premier Partner and a Marketo Revvie Finalist for 4 years in a row, to focusing on bringing the latest and greatest technology to marketing teams that will make a major impact on their companies' profits.

Hoosh's 2nd chapter was all about conversational chatbots and social commerce. We partnered with Drift and BigCommerce to deliver those high ROI cutting edge trends to marketing teams.


We're proud of the growth we helped our customers achieve with conversational chatbots we've built for them and we're proud to have received Drift's Top 50 Conversational Marketers of 2019 award.

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